A group of performers and I have been working hard in The Performer’s Edge course. We were all so amazed this week to find we had come to the 10th and final class so soon. We all agreed it had been a great journey. We’ve all grown and everyone said they were walking away with some really useful strategies and mindset strategies to help with future performances. Three of the students will be putting themselves to the test this Sunday at the studio Christmas Concert at The Regal Room in Hammersmith! I can’t wait.

I have really enjoyed running this class. We’ve had some great discussions and sharing of experience. Everyone has really laid themselves out in order to take their performing to the next level. Not an easy task as performing and singing can leave a person feeling very vulnerable and insecure. To be able to admit one feels like this and then to find ways of moving through the self-doubt, fear and insecurities is paramount. It’s the only way to produce a performance that reaches it’s fullest potential, delivers the message and makes the audience stop to listen. Thank goodness there are many strategies and techniques to help us to do this, and ones that are pretty easy to access too.

The biggest pleasures I got from running this course was watching people blossom and grow over the weeks. Seeing singers open up to the possibilities and exploring their performances, finding unexpected depths and traits to ensure they bring authenticity to the microphone.

So thank you Performer’s Edge Sept 2011 for sharing and listening. I wish you all the very best in singing and performing.

You will find what some of them have to say about their experience on the Testimonials page.

Update 2019: The Performer’s Edge has morphed considerably. Check this page for the current format. It is now a 12-month bespoke coaching programme. Here I’ve assembled all my understanding of what makes a performer successful into a methodical and holist programme that accelerates the performer’s progress. Under the areas of Mindset, Health, Technique, Development and Identity I team up with the performer to create an individualised coaching programme. Find out more and book a free Discovery Call with me here.