Topics I cover include:

It Starts With Mindset: No talent in the world can overcome a fear of judgment, low confidence or negative beliefs. Beliefs impact our thoughts and behaviours, attitudes and emotions. How to identify the mindset that works against success and then how to make lasting changes to negative beliefs.

Resilience: Understanding the effect resilience has on the bottom line. Wraw‘s 5 pillars of resilience include Energy, Future Focus Inner Drive, Flexible Thinking and Strong Relationships. How can we identify deficits in these areas. Followed by how can we support and develop these deficits to produce a person with high resilience who can cope with everything work and life will throw at them?

Performing Arts Medicine: Eveything is connected! Taking a holistic and athletic approach to singing and the performing arts.

Vocal Health: Without a voice, there is no artist, brand or product. What can go wrong, what to do if it does and how to prevent it in the first place. This is relevant not only for singers but also for anyone who uses their voice professionally, including actors, DJs, presentors, teachers, public speakers, sales people, call center workers, sports coaches and polititions.

Vocal Training: The professional voice user needs to understand they are a vocal athlete. This includes singers, rappers, actors, public speakers, teachers, call center workers, and radio presenters. Having a warm up and cool down routine will go a long way to maintaining a healthy voice for the duration of your career. Training your voice will allow you to build on what nature gave you, help you to gain control, strength and stamina.

Entrepreneurship: My story, and how what I’ve learnt can help others follow the entrepreneurial pathway.

Other: If you think there is some other topic I could cover, and I agree then I am happy to create presentations to suit you and your organisation’s needs. Lets have a chat!

“Line kindly came in to speak to some of my Music Production and Business Foundation Degree students on the subject of entrepreneurship. I chose Line because I have always been so impressed by her drive, professionalism and the fact that aside from her day job she’s managed to single-handedly create and continue to run one of the world’s best digital magazines designed specifically to help singers, iSing Magazine. Line is coming from a place of altruism, everything she does with her work is designed to help others and I admire her for that.” Dani Senior (Lecturer CM Sounds)

“Line’s session was both informative and enjoyably interactive. Having taught choirs for a long time, I am always excited to learn new ideas and warm-ups. Line really helped the group to understand the mechanics of the voice in an accessible way.” Abigail Harris Rock Choir Leader

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