There are a variety of ways I can help you build a stronger voice and performance. Find an option that suits your needs or please book a free Consultation Call if you have further questions.


Vocal development

Your instrument needs conditioning, building and strengthening. No different to the athlete. This is about giving you the freedom to explore your creativity safely, not to change your vocal identity.

I approach voice training from a functional and acoustical angle helping you to gain control over your instrument easily and speedily.

Get bespoke vocal, physical and mental warm-up regimes specific to your vocal and performance needs.


Performance Skills

Having a great voice is not enough as a singer and performer. There are other skills to consider such as microphone technique, movement on stage, audience connection, the ability to interact with the music and musicians, delivery confidence and more.

If your performance lacks polish, authenticity or control then I will help you develop your understanding and skills in this area. I can also help with audition and competition preparation.

Troubleshooting voice and performance issues


Ironing out that pesky issue, whether it’s a particular note, line, song or emotion. I goal is to ensure I give you t the tools and tricks to help you deliver your best performance, recording or audition. Quite often it is a matter of a bit of tweaking of a vowel or reframing the mindset and boom, you’re off. I love doing this work!

I am also available to do pre performance or recording studio warm ups at the venue or studio.

Public Speaking

Voice and Presentation Coaching

There is nothing worse than standing in front of people about to speak only to find your mouth has dried up, your voice is become a tiny squeek, you’re sweating profusely and your mind has gone totally blank. It’s a disarster. These things can happen whether you’re in front of an audience, at a job interview or pitching for a new client or investment.

Public speaking is one of the top fears humans have. So you’re not alone by any means.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to step in front of an audience confidently, knowing all your preparation is about to pay off and that you will be able to deliver your work clearly, intelligently and confidently.

In spite of being a performer, I too, had to learn and develop confidence as a speaker. Let me help you by giving you performance, voice and presentation strategies to help you project your voice easily and clearly, speak confidently and come across authentically in front of anyone.

I will devise a bespoke programme based on your needs. I can combine RTT (to build self belief and natural confidence), voice training and presentation/performance; skills including microphone technique, vocal development exercises, warm up strategies, breath control and how to connect with an audience.


Since working with Line I have increased my vocal range and gained a full rich, rounded tone. Other people, professional and non-professional, have noticed the improvement, but more importantly, I can notice the difference. It gives me added confidence knowing that whether I perform a straight forward ballad, improvise over changes or sing a fast vocalese I can reach all the notes I need. More than ever before I can sing with amazing ease. Developing my vocal technique isn’t work, it’s pure pleasure! Anita Wardell (BBC Jazz Award for Best of Jazz 2006) UK

I am so pleased with the results and can thoroughly recommend Line as a first class voice trainer for singers and professionals who use their voices regularly. Charles Beckerson, Headteacher UK

Line’s performance teaching method is very helpful. The workshop has shown me the main ways to interact with the audience and how to connect to the lyrics with more meaning. I gained important skills and was able to try different performance strategies. The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly and gave me the confidence to perform with a lot of support. Nicola Youna, Singer UK


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