I am a huge TED fan. I head over to the site l when I’m curious to know what’s trending when I need inspiration when I need education or just when I need a bit of entertainment.

TED is a nonprofit organisation devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

On the site, you’ll find a collection of videos of inspiring, knowledgable, caring people who speak at the TED conferences held around the world throughout the year. These people share their innovative, creative thoughts, inspiring ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences.

On the site you will find a collection of videos lasting from a few minutes to around twenty minutes in length. The topics cover technology, psychology, science, sociology, the arts, education, politics, business, design, the environment and everything in between. The speakers have been selected for their ability to communicate effectively and succinctly, more often than not they are also entertaining and funny.

Some of my faves: Ken RobinsonElizabeth GilbertMalcolm GladwellEvelyn Glennie, Simon SinekAmy Tan, Vilayanur RamachandranBrene Brown, Angela DuckworthJulia Sweeney, Amy Cuddy, and Jill Bolte Taylor just to name a few.

If you have not watched a TED talk then yourself do yourself a favour GO NOW.

Website: ted.com

Check out singer/songwriter/performing artist Amanda Palmer talks about the art of asking: