My students and I have been having fun exploring vocal intonation recently with a computer programme called Sing and See.  We’ve also noticed a marked improvement in tone and pitching when using this nifty bit of software. This revolutionary software that gives real-time feedback when singing! The software SHOWS your precise pitch and vocal timbre as you sing.

There are two versions one for singers and another more complex programme teachers. I can vouch for the fact that Sing and See has been helping to accelerate the technical and aural progress of my students.

In the teacher’s version, you can also turn on the real-time spectrographic analysis.

Sing and See's real-time spectrographic analysis

Two case studies

Ryan, a 12-year-old musical theatre actor, has been having difficulty with accurate pitching. We have been using the software to help him get a visual on the pitches as he sings through a chromatic scale. The improvement was immediate, from missing out notes to sliding off them at the start he was accurately singing each pitch and not missing any of the notes in the scale by the end of the lesson. He was able to sustain this over several chromatic scales from the bottom to the top and he left with the biggest grin on his face.

Julie, a singer/songwriter, had been having issues ‘overblowing’ which made her sharp as she got into the middle and head registers. By telling her to expel most of the air in her lungs and getting her to watch the graph of her voice as she sang she was able to make the right adjustments herself correcting the pitch and gaining a fuller, more balanced tone. Another happy singer!

I have had such success that I will be incorporating Sing and See into every lesson from now.

As a teacher, I know that it is vital to incorporate the students’ learning style when teaching. Many people are visual learners, and it is difficult for this type of learner to ‘see what they are doing when it comes to the voice. This bit of software helps visual learners to gain immediate visual feedback and correlate it to the physical feelings they are experiencing as they sing. It makes my job so much easier when the singer ‘get the right feeling’ as it means they are more likely to be able to repeat this when they are practicing alone. I can only be with them for 30-60 mins a week, changes happen when the singer is practicing, but so often they complain they don’t know what they are supposed to be experiencing, they can’t ‘see it’ or identify which physical feeling is the right one. Another of my students said to me today, “This is amazing! I can see when it’s right and then I can match it up to what it feels like…I want my own Sing and See NOW!”

If you are interested in trying out the programme yourself here is a link SING AND SEE (affiliate) to the site. There are plenty of other testimonials and more info for you to peruse.

I would love to hear what you think and if it has helped you with your teaching or singing.

May you always sing in tune.

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Sing & See - see your voice, hear the difference!