Are you a performer who struggles with self-doubt and anxiety when it comes to performing? Or are you a singing teacher or coach looking for ways to help your students overcome these challenges? Read on, we can help you.

Our masterclass will provide you with practical tools and strategies to overcome performance anxiety and deliver a confident and dynamic performance that you can be proud of. Whether you’re a performer of any level or a teacher or coach, you’ll benefit from a more confident performance.



No matter what instrument or level you are, you will always benefit from a more confident performance. Knowing how to deliver a confident, authentic, focused, connected, and emotionally charged performance will leave your audience wanting more!

Performance teachers and coaches:

Teachers and coaches are great at helping performers improve technically, practice their repertoire and develop musicality. All of this goes to waste if the performer lacks self belief, experiences performance anxiety or avoids performing. This masterclass will explore how to support performers facing these challenges to bring the best out of their performance.


Line and Hannah believe it is imperative to take a holistic and practical approach to understanding performance anxiety.

Whether you are a performer or you are work with performers, you know that confidence is key to giving a great performance be that on stage, in front of the mic, for exams, competitions, at auditions or in the recording studio. The secret to a captivating performance is that there isn’t just ONE way to achieve it! As with many things it is multifactorial.

During the masterclass, we’ll cover key factors that will empower you to give a confident and dynamic performance, including:

What’s covered:

  • Signs and symptoms of performance anxiety
  • The cause of poor performance
  • The mindset of a confident performer
  • Building the right mindset
  • Mental and physical resilience
  • Practical tools and strategies for all stages of a performance
  • Extra resources to support performers


This masterclass is best done over 2 hours, but can be modified to be done in 1 ½ hours.



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If you are a college or organisation we will be in contact with you very shorty. If you are interested in join the next time we hold a public masterclass (usually held  in and around Manchester) we will notify you of the event detail. You can indicate if you want to join an online version of the masterclass.


Hannah Smikle

Line Hilton (MSc PAM, BMus Ed(Jazz, Cl. Hypnotherapist) combines a diverse background and training to help improve voice, performance, mindset and resilience in people who perform as part of their job. She loves nothing more than to unravel the obstacles preventing creative people from being confident, creative and self assured in their art. She is highly regarded as a singing voice and Performing Arts Medicine specialist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

In addition to her private practice Line is the founder of BAST Training, which provides training and education for singers who want to become singing teachers, is on the multidisciplinary team of the Voice Care Centre, PAM Advisor for Vocology in Practice (ViP) and delivers guest lectures, workshops and masterclasses for organisations and institutions in the UK and Internationally.

Her bigger mission is to support, raise awareness and instil higher standards of vocal, mental and physical health and wellbeing for singing artists in the music industry.


Hannah Smikle is a professional voice coach and vocalist, working for over 15 years in the music industry. She has extensive experience both in live performance as a gigging musician and backing vocalist, and in the studio as a session singer and recording artist.

Hannah has an impressive multi-disciplinary approach to vocal training – using her advanced technical knowledge alongside her industry experience, she is passionate about equipping a singer for optimum performance, be that on stage or in the studio. Hannah frequently works with vocalists to engineer and coach a recording session, enabling the singer to capture their best, most authentic vocal delivery. She has a holistic approach to working with performers, highly regarding whole-person wellbeing in the coaching process.

Hannah is dedicated to continuing her professional development; she regularly attends specialist courses, is a qualified Vocal Habilitation Professional, Vocal Health First Aider, has a level 3 certificate in Counselling Skills, and is currently training as a Vocal Habilitation Professional with Vocal Health Education.






``Since working with Line I have increased my vocal range and gained a full rich, rounded tone. Other people, professional and non-professional, have noticed the improvement, but more importantly I can notice the difference. It gives me added confidence knowing that whether I perform a straight forward ballad, improvise over changes or sing a fast vocalese I can reach all the notes I need. More than ever before I can sing with amazing ease.``

Anita Wardell
ANITA WARDELLAward winning jazz vocalist

``Line is my go-to vocal coach in London. Her knowledge and experience in medical care and vocal health got me back to work after a bout of laryngitis in record time. Her attention to detail was so valuable. Giving me lots of tools to take home, recordings and a full write up of our lessons complete with a timetable and vocal programme to get me back to normal meant I wasn’t losing work or putting my voice at further risk.``

Katie Holmes Smith
KATIE HOLMES-SMITHBacking Vocalist (Adele, Olly Murs, Professor Green, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue)

``Working with Line had a profound impact on my internal approach to being an artist, a performer and just a human being in general. I went in wanting to improve my confidence as a performer and came out of it definitely achieving that as well as much more. She helped me to realise how much power I actually have over my own career. Line also really helped me to understand exactly how many barriers I have been responsible for in my own belief system that prevented me from being truly confident and happy with my decisions.``

Jack In Water

``Having vocal coaching with Hannah has been one of the greatest investments not only improving technique but also growing in confidence.``

Kristina Mann Singer Songwriter
KRISTINA MANNRecording Artist/Singer/Songwriter

``Hannah is incredible. She doesn’t just deal with the technical discipline of singing, she deals with the whole person. I have grown in ability and self awareness when it comes to singing, but I’ve also grown in confidence as a singer and learned to place a much higher value on self care.``

ANDY SMITHRecording Artist/Singer/Songwriter

``Hannah is a professional, no messing and “get the work done” vocal coach. Hannah has equipped me with tools to sustain my voice throughout touring as well as always being available for advice & assessment when I need rehabilitation or recovery.


Click here to register your interest

If you are a college or organisation we will be in contact with you very shorty. If you are interested in join the next time we hold a public masterclass (usually held  in and around Manchester) we will notify you of the event detail. You can indicate if you want to join an online version of the masterclass.